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Upgrade epoxy coating line, better environment

China’s economy has been rapidly developing at a incredibly increasing rate 7%-10%, this is rarely seen in the world. Now China became the second largest economic entity in the world.


Along with the developing, people are getting rich. In old times when China was found, WWII in china caused tremendous damage, people were suffering and hungry to death. And now, in the lead of China new government, China stood up and heading to glory times. People are in need of better living environment. Chinese people used to be struggle from Zero to ONE, and now creating from ONE to INFINITE.


Industry renovation:

“Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, Chairmen Xi always shares this with Chinese people. We develop the economy for better life.

Pollution is a worldwide problem, and we determine to overcome it. Therefore, China government starts to elimination or upgrade backward production capacity.


Speaking of the steel office furniture industry, there are two main pollution sources, one is energy, the other is water. Coal use to be the fuel for most of China, but its by-product nitride and sulfide, causing big air pollution; water is used to clean the metal surface and discharge into river without treatment.

In response to the national call to protect the environment, RTD invest 3 million to introduce epoxy coating line, use natural gas and electricity, raising environmental standards, reached the equipment upgrade and meet the standards of New Environment Protection Policy.


RTD is merely a small part of the industry renovation, and with thousand of and millions of company, we believe we can make China better and make our goal work together.  


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