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News about the pricing

Dear customers, 

>>>>>A letter about the pricing: 

Steel material price are climbing and rocketing to another new peak on May 10th, 2021. 

This is a crazy moment and we all witness the history. Here, RTD company starts to carry out plan Beta: 

Based on the deposit: 

1. Long term deposit and stocks at RTD: making sure customers got stable supply in at least 2 months; 

2. Deposit received for the certain order: making sure customres got cargo according to the Contract/Proforma Invoice as we confirmed; 

3. No deposit and new inquiry: the price shall be offered on the day; 

4. Projects: negotiable based on delivery and project time schedle. 

Thanks all for your supports and RTD wish you all the best. 


RTD group

<< Steel Price on May 10th, 2021>>

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